Choose Wisdom to solve problems

"Calm and confident person is always more reliable than the talkative person and the one who is always in hurry."

There are basically two ways of solving any problem.One is to try to solve it as soon as possible without taking into account its complexities and seriousness and the other way is to try to understand the reasons of the problem and cut it from roots.

First way mentioned is easy one to solve any problem however the problem is, we just go and try to solve it.There can be two results using the way, one is that problem is solved and well done but the chances of having this result are if not rare then very minor. The other result will show you your problem unsolved When you see this you will either lose your temper or you will have to review the causes of the problem and try to solve it other way. It depends on the nature of your problem that how your attitude will effect it.One way or the other anger will definitely make your problems bigger if not huge.

The second way of solving your problem is to stay calm and be confident.First of all you have to find information about the causes of the problem. Then you have to understand the exact reason because of which problem arises.Use your abilities to find them and when you have found the roots of your problem then eradicate it.This way seems abit difficult but it is th way to go.

The key point is you have to remain cool and calm in your attitude. You may find it hard to it this way but when you do whole process correctly then it will ensure that you wil not get that problem in future.This is more logical and smart way to solve problems. This effects your approach and finally your decisions go right.

The key points you will have to keep in mind:

1. You are not going to lose your temper.

2. Be confident and sit tight* "to wait; to wait patiently". (This does not necessarily refer to sitting.) because "EVERYTHING COMES TO THEM WHO WAIT"

3. Be calm and wise in your approach and decisions.

We will talk about the process to be followed when solving any problem.

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Aslam_O_alikum ,

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Jee Janab Check kijye yeah list Aur mujhe zaroor batye ga ke Kaisy lagi Aapko yeah list ...

Allah Hafiz